Dude, you lost your wig.

Until the car drove into the neighborhood and stopped downstairs,

Until the car drove into the neighborhood and stopped downstairs, Chen fell asleep motionless. An He pushed him: "This classmate, wake up first." Chen frowned and clapped his hand away and went back to sleep. Addicted to sleeping, Anh couldn't bear to push him any more and looked at the time on his cell phone. You can sleep for an hour. He opened the window a crack and did not turn off the engine. He leaned back in his chair and stared at the open space illuminated by the street lamp in front of him. Occasionally, he could see the fallen leaves swirling by the wind in the open space, and he counted them one by one, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven.. The music was turned off by him, and he could only hear Chen's gentle breathing in the carriage. The quiet atmosphere made him relax, put back his chair and closed his eyes. Chapter 37 what's the use of you? Anhe did not know when he fell asleep, he was not supposed to fall asleep in the car, but today the atmosphere is relaxing, plus before the video game city is jumping a little tired, fell asleep do not know. It was not until the window was knocked that he woke up with a start, and as soon as he opened his eyes, he saw a beam of light coming in from the outside of the carriage. He quickly lowered the window,interactive panels for education, and the face of the security guard at the door appeared outside the window. Teacher Ann, are you two all right? The security guard shook his face with a flashlight, "Don't you be afraid of gas poisoning if you sleep in the car without turning off the engine?" "Gas?"? I left a crack in the window. It's all right. I'm sorry. "An He covered his eyes with his hands." I'm going up. " What about that man? Are you all right? The security guard dutifully shone his flashlight on Chen's face and went to the window to smell it, "There's no smell of alcohol, how can I sleep so dead.." "I told him to get up. Thank you." An He turned his head and pushed Nachen. "Big Seven." "Then hurry back. It's freezing. I'm leaving." The security guard said. Thank you An He pushed Na Chen and smiled at the security guard. Chen sat up, rubbing his eyes and leaning against the car door in a daze. "Am I asleep?" He said in a nasal voice. "Well," Anh looked at the time, "I slept for more than an hour,smart board touch screen, and it was past two o'clock." "What about you?" Chen put his arm close to his eyes and said, "Grandpa, kiss me." "I also fell asleep, the security guard came to knock on the window before I woke up," Anhe looked back at the direction of the security guard left, has not seen the flashlight, he slanted his head on the mouth of that Chen kissed, "quite late, want to go up to sleep?" "No, you can't sleep there." Nachen turned around and took the big bear in the back seat to open the bag and jumped out of the car. "I'll take my son back." "Your son?" Anhe followed out of the car, the temperature outside the car is much lower, he shrank his neck, see that Chen is standing in the cold wind very stretched, "what's your son's name?" "That clap," Nachen hugged the bear, smart board interactive whiteboard ,86 smart board, raised one of the bear's arms and waved at him. "Hello, I call that clap." "Then what?"? Patting? What are you shooting? Anh accompanied Nachen to get his car. Fly swatter swatter. That Chen hooked the corners of his mouth. It's not over! Cried Anh. I wave my green wings and look for your breath. Chen sang in a low voice, ran two steps to his car, stepped on it, and put the bear behind him. How do you take this? "Anh helped him with the bear, which was big, like a child in the back seat, but fell down as soon as he let go." Simple, "that Chen untied the long scarf on his neck, and tied the scarf around his neck and the bear's neck twice." That's all. " "You.." Anh was a little speechless and patted the bear on the head. "All right, drive slowly." "Well, I'll text you when I get there." Then Chen started the car, turned the car around and drove out. From behind, it looked like a bear driving, but he still took off the handle. Anh didn't stay downstairs much. After turning the corner, he ran back to the building. He went into the room and fell on the sofa, feeling tired and sleepy. After washing his face at random, he changed his pajamas and went to bed. The text message was sent when he was about to start dreaming. I'm home. The secret base can see the Milky Way tonight. Watch the Milky Way with Pai Pai. Good night. Anh replied to the text message, drowsiness dissipated a little, got out of bed again, opened the corner of the curtain and looked outside. Without the Milky Way, the night sky in the city is always dark gray, under the light pollution, let alone the Milky Way, the moon is nothing to see, stars are not very common, occasionally see a shining plane. Angel pulled up the curtains, went back to bed, wrapped himself in the quilt and closed his eyes. The next day, Nachen worked for the teacher. Without looking for him, Anhe entered the working state. This week was not easy. He had to cheer up. Although he didn't go to bed when he was busy, he still forgot to eat. He didn't eat breakfast or lunch. When he got home in the evening, he cooked a bowl of instant noodles with the meat that Nachen had not fried before. It tasted good. After eating and watching a movie in the sofa, Nachen called him. Are you done? Anh picked up the phone. Well, I'm running to death. "Chen seemed to be eating, and his voice was a little vague." What are you doing? " "Watch a movie. Are you eating?" Anh glanced at the instant noodle box he had thrown in the trash can. Made a pot of red wine chicken wings, "that Chen smiled," want to eat? " "If you don't eat, you'll gain weight by eating in the middle of the night." With a tut, he got up from the sofa, pulled open the refrigerator and looked at it. There was nothing to eat. What will you eat tomorrow morning? "Can we not talk about food all the time?" "Is it just instant noodles again?" Chen's tone was full of schadenfreude. He laughed for a long time before he said, "The beef sauce I bought that day is in the kitchen. You go and look for it. Don't use the seasoning bag of instant noodles. Cook the noodles directly and fish them out to mix with the sauce. Put two drops of sesame oil." The next morning, Anhe mixed instant noodles according to the instructions of that Chen, tasted, beef jerky mixed noodles, taste good, he sent a text message to that Chen,smart board for conference room, instant noodles so mixed to eat very delicious. That Chen did not reply to his message, Anhe looked at the time, the lovely college students now estimated that half of them are still in bed. hsdsmartboard.com


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