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Tu Qi was really shocked, and he was too clear about this killing God.

Tu Qi was really shocked, and he was too clear about this killing God. He was able to rise in a short period of time and win the Shadow King because he was much better informed than the Shadow King. A year ago, he knew that the God of killing was Lin Yun of the Cloud Gate Group, and he knew clearly who could move and who could not move. Although the shadow king knew that there was such a killing God, he did not know that this person was Lin Yun, or later after the investigation. Tu Qi was different, and he knew at the first time that Lin Yun was the one who destroyed the'black hand skates' overnight. He came today just to find an excuse to destroy the shadow king, did not care who this woman is, of course, did not investigate her background. Did not expect today he saw Su Jingru, but amazing, immediately fell in love with her, still laughing at himself also said to play a lifetime of women. Can also be an excuse to destroy the shadow king, but also to play the best woman, the earth seven hearts are very happy. But the shadow king's words changed his face so ugly that the woman was the one who killed God. Do you still want to move? Does this mean that the Shadow King of Flower Clothes is also the one who killed God? Earth seven short time, has turned over countless thoughts, although he knows the shadow king's'bewitching king 'lost not a year, but do not know how to lose. I didn't expect this guy to have anything to do with that killer. Looking at Tu Qi's gloomy and uncertain face,Slate Wall Panel, the shadow king did not provoke him again. He knew that the strength of the earth seven was much stronger than his own, and it was no good for him to provoke him. Ha-ha Earth seven is a burst of laughter. What about Lin Yun? Now he killed the shadow king and immediately took the woman away. Who knew that the woman was taken away by himself? Besides, if you don't move this woman now, can you still let yourself go by the means of killing God? On the contrary, it is more advantageous to kill the shadow king and take the woman as his own. This is the God of killing, can't you hide? It is said that most of the forces that kill God are abroad. Can he transfer all of them back at one time? No matter how capable he is, can a man kill more than a hundred of his brothers? Hearing Tu Qi's laughter,Nero Marquina Marble Slab, the shadow king's heart sank and he knew he was finished. After a few brief shots, calm returned. Not many people died for the shadow king, after a few people died, the rest of the people immediately defected to the earth seven. No one does not know the name of the earth seven, and in recent years the shadow king has no initiative, power contraction, has gradually let his men slowly centrifugal. Therefore, it didn't take much time for Tu Qi to subdue these people under the shadow king. But now Tu Qi's face was gloomy. In the room where the woman had just stayed, there was only a faint maid, who was obviously knocked unconscious with a bench in the back. The woman who moved him actually ran away, although she could not run far, but Tuqi was not happy in her heart. Although the men guarding the woman were not their own, Tu Qi still cursed the git. What are you looking at? If you don't give it to me, White Marble Mosaic ,Calacatta Nano Glass, chase it immediately. There are mountains everywhere. Where can she escape to? Earth seven angry, under the dozens of younger brother, one after another to carry out a carpet-like search. The sky has been dusk, a few shots came, Su Jingru secretly glad that his determination under the early. Unexpectedly, for the sake of innocence, he could knock the maid unconscious with a low stool. However, she knew that she had not escaped far now, but had fled to the mountains with one foot deep and one foot shallow, and the voices of the people coming after her had come over, and Su Jingru knew that if she did not leave quickly, she might fall into the hands of these people again. A day after tomorrow has been completely dark, Su Jingru has fled into the mountains, hurriedly took out the phone to make a phone call back for help. But Su Jingru immediately hid in the grass and held her breath, and two searchers were walking past her. She was so frightened that she quickly put away the phone in her hand again and decided to wait for them to go over and call again. This woman was so smart that she ran away first. It made me wander around the mountains and forests in the dark, damn it. One of them was swearing. Don't be impatient. This is an opportunity. If found this woman, seven elder brother's reward you should know, hey, this I do not say you also understand. It was another man who spoke, and his voice was a little sharper than that of the man in front of him. But this woman is really beautiful, if I sleep for a night, I would like to live a year less. "Shh, speak up. This is the woman that Brother Qi has decided on. If it reaches Brother Qi's ears, you will be finished." "Hey, hey.." Just wait for her to call, and once she calls, we can catch her signal point. The man who spoke in front of him was a little embarrassed and quickly changed the subject. Su Jingru suddenly remembered that she did not call, perhaps they can check their own location according to the open phone. But just as she was about to drop her battery, her phone rang. Xiao _ Shuo txt Tian _ Tang Chapter three hundred and sixty see transmission again. Suddenly rang the phone ring, let Su Jingru scared out of her wits. He secretly regretted that he had not turned off the phone, and now it was too late to say anything, Su Jingru immediately hung up the phone, got up and ran, regardless of what direction he was going to go. On the left, go after it. The two men who were talking did not expect that as soon as they said the phone, her phone rang. The woman was so stupid that she didn't even turn off the phone. Su Jingru could not control so much, and the phone rang again in a twinkling of an eye. "She was so frightened that she hurriedly threw the phone out of her hand.". Fortunately, it was dark now, and the observation inside the mountain was not very careful. The light of the two miner's lamps swept over, and Su Jingru hurriedly wanted to rush forward. But at the foot of a soft "actually fell into a mountain valley inside.". Su Jingru curled up in the col and dared not move. Why did the voice of the phone change its direction? "The phone should have been thrown away, so let's look for it along this side." Two people said unexpectedly no longer pay attention to the place where the phone makes a sound,grey marble slab, still according to the original direction to look for. Two people more and more into the footsteps, Su Jingru's heart almost jumped out. If they had come here, they would have fallen into this valley like themselves. forustone.com


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